Sunday, November 15, 2009

Obtaining Scarecrow Parts

All of the branches for my scarecrows have come from Wildwood Canyon in Burbank.  A wildfire raged through the canyon in October 2005, leaving many trees dead and burned.  They are still there, the twisted burned branches make for excellent creepy scarecrows.

For the past couple of years Wildwood has been a strange place.  Just after the fire it was completely burned and dead.  Next, it started to look like a tiny of bit life among the dead, and now, 4 years later, it looks like a bit of the dead among the living.


The burned area of Wildwood Canyon has been a big inspiration for many of the props made for my Halloween yard haunts.  It's the "Sleepy Hollow" of Burbank!


ShellHawk said...

I know that canyon well due to my misspent youth! You should try Haines Canyon in Tujunga, too...


Thanks for the info! I've never been in Haines Canyon. Wildwood is only 5 minutes away so that's where I've done most of my "branch hunting" so far.