Thursday, November 12, 2009

Burbank's "Possibly" Haunted House

This is a nearby house that has a sordid history.  Mable Monohan was murdered by Barbara Graham here in 1953.  The story of the trial and execution of Barbara Graham for murder was portrayed by Susan Hayward in the 1958 film "I Want To Live".   Susan won an Academy Award for this role.

Odd trivia - Since I've lived in Burbank - 18 years - there has never been a holiday decoration of any type on this house, not Christmas, Halloween, or anything! 

When detectives searched Mrs. Monohan's house, they found a book she had been reading, "The Purple Pony Murdrers", open on a side table near the back door, face down.  Strangely, the author of this book, Sidney E. Porcelain, was a psychic who helped police solve murder cases.

Details of the Crime

Lisa Burks' Blog About Mable

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