Thursday, November 5, 2009

David Lynch - Ambient Music For Halloween

This was not intended to be a Halloween album, but as a soundscape for an art installation. Still, David Lynch and Dean Hurley have created a great dark ambient work, perfectly suited for Halloween yard haunts, or for off-Halloween enjoyment. The CD is called "The Air Is On Fire", and is available digitally from Amazon and iTunes, where you can listen to samples. The CD itself can be purchased through David Lynch's website.

Download the album at Amazon .

Buy the CD at David's store:


Rot said...

I wasn't aware of this.

I'm LOVING the samples.

Thanks for posting this.

Damien O said...

if you like lynchs ambient stuff, its worth checking out william basinski's disintegration loops albums. they're long, and redundant, but as an art piece, and as ambient music, they offer a sort of background-y meditative quality.


My CD arrived via UPS today, I have the mp3s but am glad to own the higher bitrate CD.

Thanks Damien, I am going now to check out William Basinki's stuff!

And thanks Rot, you turned me on to SOMA FM - the Dronezone, and Kammarheit, which I used in my yard haunt this year.