Thursday, November 5, 2009

2009 Halloween Haunt

A few photos of this year's Halloween's yard haunt.  I've moved to a new house in Burbank, the new layout was challenging.  We are now in the foothills, the yard is on a slight hill, which made this year's scarecrow tower above the sidewalk.  Click on the images for a MUCH larger picture.

Scarecrow that I made - with a nod to Rot at

Vintage and Folk Art pieces placed on shelves that I built for the large front window.

Front porch - the Beistle Jack O'Lantern goblin is a wooden reproduction that I had made about 10 years ago.  It's much larger than the original cardboard decoration.


Tom Bailey said...

This was over the top. Best pics I have seen yet on any blog of a house for holloween.

How long did it take?

Comment on something I am blogging about so I know when you get this. Best regards.

Rot said...

Simply beautiful.

Stunning actually.


Thank you Rot, you are the BEST!

Tom, Thank you for your comments! It took about a week to set up. The past two years I've been concentrating on throwing away more commercial decorations and making my own props. I'm getting there...