Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sundummy - Great FREE Drone Music for Halloween Soundscapes

A lot of great free Halloween-ish background music can be found on the great website.  One of my favorites, Sundummy, has often been used as droning soundscape audio for my Halloween yard haunts.  It's also great fun to listen to this music while dreaming up new Halloween projects.



Unknown said...

LOL Glad to see my music is being used for practical purposes! ;)

Take care


Love your work! I've used The Great Machine Pulse of Dormant Revulsion on Halloween the past few years. Of course I listen to it year round too! Halloween is badly in need of high quality ambience such as yours, the commercial sounds actually intended for Halloween is pretty embarassing stuff.

Michael McGraw - said...

It is a better day, now that I have more Sundummy to listen to.