Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Photos & Short Video - My Halloween Setup 2011

Each year I've put the vintage and folk art Jack O'Lanterns in the front window, but this year I ran a little late and built Catrina, an 8 foot Day of the Dead skeleton figure the Saturday and Sunday before Halloween.  Catrina was placed in her "parlor", waiting to receive Trick Or Treaters.  1930s Halloween Jazz Music (Halloween Stomp CD, etc) was playing on the radio.  I ran the music through the "Old Time Radio" filter in Adobe Audition's program, burned the altered music to CD.   Loud thunder was heard from a large bass speaker hidden in the front yard bushes.  I've skipped using lightning effects the past few years because this house is on a busy street, I think it might be too distracting to drivers and kids running across the street.

We had about 400 trick-or-treaters this year.