Friday, May 28, 2010

Halloween Chalkware Guy

I sold this little guy on ebay several years ago.  It's one of the best, and largest, Halloween chalkware pieces.

Abstract Audio Systems - Dark Ambient music is a good place to buy dark ambient music for your Halloween haunt.   They carry CDs from many independent artists whose music is not available elsewhere.  Right now, I'm listening to the track "Bromia" from Abstract Audio Systems' CD entitled "Dark Terrain".  CLICK HERE to listen to samples.  Be sure to listen to track 5 - "Bromia".

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Amityville House For Sale!

This is a photo I took in 1978 of the house at 112 Ocean Avenue (now 108 Ocean Avenue) in Amityville NY.  It's changed a lot since the 1970s, and now it can be yours for $1,150,000, although I'm sure they will accept a lower offer.  Here's a link to the real estate listing with current photos of the house - LINK   Evidently, the annoying fly problem is finally gone.

And here is a great photo of James Brolin and Margot Kidder from the first Amityville Horror movie.  Margot signed the photo for me at Monsterpalooza in Burbank in 2009. 

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Orphanage DVD

Watched this amazing DVD last night, it's the best ghost story I've seen in many years.  Visually stunning, and the acting is top notch.  I HIGHLY recommend this movie!